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A dystopia about the perfect city human

SUN is the first release from Biljana Heights and the music video is a sci-fi inspired tale of the creation of an artificial human directed by Kasper Gaardsøe and shot by Kasper Tuxen.

The song is featured in the European television series The Team – broadcasted in Germany, Belgium and Denmark and in Audi – The Art of Perfomance by cinematographer Sine Vadstrup Brooker.

The upcoming song STRANGER is featured in the American tv-series APB airing on FOX in 2017.

The songs are made in collaboration with drummer and producer Birk Nevel and multi-instrumentalist and co-producer Carl-Erik Riestra. 



I have lived in New York for several years and one of the most inspiring places for me is to be standing on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and looking at the universe framed by the industrial city horizon: It is for me a great experience of nature that reminds me of the man-made versus the infinite universe. The city is the image of man’s potential but may also limit it.

Biljana Stojkoska

Biljana Heights - Biljana Stojkoska


Biljana Heights is a Copenhagen-based music and video project by songwriter, singer and actress Biljana Stojkoska.

Biljana Heights is a musical story about being a human.

Biljana Stojkoska has been preoccupied with the contemporary infatuation of perfection – the staging:

“In our eagerness to retouche everything perfectly, we seem to have lost the little seemingly unimportant details and errors – the imperfect, the natural, basically the deeply human. Because it is in the imperfection, we humans can recognize and rediscover each other”

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